Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Joy of Kitty Toes

Dear John,
I found this today - the underside of a cat, complete with kitty-toes. And I had to show it to you.
You really would love the cats. And you'd be fascinated by them. The first thing you'd like is how smart they are; you'd love watching them think. And you'd be amazed at how loving and affectionate they are, with their humans and each other and, of course, with Jethro the Great Collector and Protector of Kitties. You'd be fascinated watching them handle the issue of pecking order. They have a system worked out to share time in my lap and to determine who eats first on what day.
Their fur is amazing - it's so different from dog hair, but each of mine is different from the others. Hunter's fur is fine and silky, Abby's is thick and coarse, and Maggie's is soft. I'd still love to compare dog and cat hair under a microscope. And their eyes are beautiful. The markings on a cat's iris are breathtaking. Hunter's eyes are green, Abby's are gold, and Maggie's are yet to be determined. Right now she's somewhere between green and gold. As you can see, their toes are adorable. Unlike dogs, their claws are normally retracted unless they choose to extend them. When you trim their nails, you press gently on the center of the foot to extend the claws. Their toes are warm and soft and, as I said, utterly adorable.
You just have to come and see for yourself. I know you always thought you didn't like cats, but you never got to know one. Come and meet your three kitties; I'm betting you fall in love with them. They love you already - each of them slept in your bedroom slippers when they were little. And I'm certain that Jethro has told them all about their daddy in Heaven. Come join us tonight and play with cute kitty-toes!
Adore you,

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