Tuesday, May 26, 2015

There's a FowlerFest Coming

Dear John,
Another member of the family on the way to Heaven. Margaret Erin died this morning. I got a call from Don tonight to let me know. I'm not surprised - she hadn't been doing well, and survival rates from her kind and stage of cancer are very poor. And I'm very sad. Now Nolon and Eleanor are the only ones left from Mama's generation. I'll call Nolon on Thursday.
I wish I could be there for her funeral. But this part of the country doesn't consider your mother's first cousin to be immediate family, so I can't get off work. What I really wish I could see is the family get-together in Heaven. I remember when you and I went to Don and Margaret Erin's house when we were down there closing my parents' house. It was the first time you realized that three people could stand together and carry on three simultaneous conversations. The Fowlers have always been a very verbal family. When Margaret Erin gets there, you'll see my grandmother Keistler, great-aunt Mary, great-aunt Margaret, Mama, and Margaret Erin stand in a circle. And I won't even guess at how many conversations will be going on at one time.
So go meet Margaret Erin. Give my love to everybody at the FowlerFest that will follow. Tell them that I'll be there when I can. Save a seat for me!
Waiting for the Great Reunion,

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