Saturday, May 9, 2015

Three Cats & a Dismembered Day

Dear John,
It's been another dismembered day. I worked my half-day this morning, came home and had lunch, then stretched out and slept a solid two hours. I haven't done much this evening. It's one of those nights that I'm up much later than usual because I've been too tired to get up and get ready for bed. So work this morning feels like it happened sometime last week. There's a gap between then and now that feels unaccounted for.
It seems to me that living alone is partly responsible for these time glitches. Besides the need to get to work on time, I have very few specific time commitments. I run errands, take care of the house and yard, pay bills, and all that stuff. But I don't have to look at the clock for any of that. It seems that I am still having difficulties with the way I experience time.
We've had a beautiful day. It's been cloudy, but the predicted thunder storms never arrived. It was in the 80s, so I had the house open, the living room ceiling fan turned on, and cats in the window sills. Jethro stayed out for almost three hours this afternoon. I could have mowed again, but the grass was too wet from last night's rain. With the clouds today and not much wind, the grass never got dry. In the interest of keeping the grass short enough to not stall out the mower, I may do it tomorrow.
We're off to bed now - it's almost midnight. I'm sending you this painting of three cats to remind you of yours. They send their love, and Jethro so misses his Daddy!
Miss you even more than that,

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