Thursday, May 28, 2015

Three Cats & Holding

Dear John,
We still have only three cats. It must have been an adult cat tormenting the dog last night. I went out in daylight and there was no kitten. Your family's population is stable at the moment.
I've had a good - and busy - day off. I don't think I told you that I was going to have lunch at school with Elyssa today. I had to miss this year's Grandparents Day - it was Friday of horse sale week. So I got up this morning, did some housework, made up another batch of laundry soap, went to the post office and grocery store, went to the school for recess and lunch, stopped in at the pharmacy to fax the form for my furnace rebate, drove out to Nature Unlimited and got petunias for the window boxes, came up the street and saw Richard outside and stopped to show him my petunias, drove him to Bob's to pick up his bike, saw Harold out mowing so I came home and got his space heater and walked down to return it to him, stayed and talked for a while, came back home and had breakfast at 2:30, fell sleep for an hour, mowed, reheated some leftovers for dinner, took a shower, watched two Big Bang Theory re-runs, and am ready for bed. A busy day. I'll plant the petunias on Saturday. I got medium-purple this year.
I took the photo in the office window tonight. Abby and Maggie are so funny. Of course, Abby was the dominant female and wasn't at all happy when Maggie joined the family. Abby still hisses and growls at Maggie on occasion. When she does, Maggie lies down next to her and starts grooming her. Abby is still dominant, but Maggie isn't at all intimidated. She just acknowledges Abby's seniority. Abby and Hunter take turns eating first while Maggie always waits until last. It's a delight to watch them work these things out. And tonight my girls curled up together in the window to watch the bird feeder.
I'm so sorry you're missing the furbabies. But that gets a bit circular, since I got the first cat because the dog was so depressed after your death, and if you were still here we wouldn't have any cats. But going in circles never bothered me, so I still wish you were here to enjoy the cats. You always loved big cats, and the little ones are really no different. A cat is a cat is a cat. And they're delightful and fascinating creatures. But you can't have these for a long time - you'll have to come here to play with them. Deal?
Love you more than life,

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