Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vacations & Old Friends

Dear John,
We had a minor flood last night. It rained hard part of yesterday - a couple of inches in an hour - so I checked the basement. The dehumidifier and sump pump were working fine, but there was water seeping up through the basement floor in the usual places. So I got the push broom from the garage and swept the water into the sump hole. This morning it was much better; about a third of the wet area had dried and the rest was getting there. It rained most of last night, but it was a slower rain so the ground could absorb it. Nothing was damaged. We moved everything damageable out of the flood zone years ago.
I don't think I told you: I'm actually taking a vacation. I only get a week this year, but I'm off the Saturday before it so I really have nine days. I'm going to Kentucky to see Donna and Becky. And I'm so excited about it! I'm not sure who I'm seeing when - Donna is looking at her schedule and will probably let me know tomorrow what will work for her. I have dog reservations at the vet, and Jen and Richard will share cat duties. The grass will probably be a foot high when I come back. But we'll all survive that.
So this week will be busy. I have to take the dog in on Thursday morning before I go in to work my half-day. Before I leave I have to clean the house and mow and do laundry. And pack. And clean out the fridge. And pay the bills ahead. And probably several other things I haven't thought about.
This will be my first vacation ever without you. I'm trying not to think about that while at the same time trying to think of everything that used to be your job when we went on vacation. But I know I'm making progress - until this year, I couldn't even think about a vacation without you. I wasn't sure I'd ever want to do this. But now I do. I'm still not ready to go somewhere new and alone. But this trip is visiting old friends and that is good. It's just what I need. And I can't wait. You wouldn't enjoy this trip anyway - you'd spend a week listening while I talk to Becky and Donna. On second thought, you'd love it, wouldn't you? Feel free to come along if you can! And help me think of all the things I need to do. If you see me forgetting something, please remind me.
In new territory yet again,

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