Thursday, May 21, 2015

Waiting & Wildflowers

Dear John,
I've had a lovely day off. I had my regular appointment with Barb in South Bend. I got a biscuit and orange juice on the way over, ate in the car, and thought about you. You used to get that on your way to work, and Jen is still finding mummified biscuit crumbs in your car. It was always a wonder your cars didn't have roaches. I managed to eat this one with only one errant crumb, and somehow that one ended on top of the dashboard. I have no idea how that happened.
After I saw Barb, I went to Macy's and got two ten-dollar tops to have embroidered for work. We have to wear bank clothes on Fridays and Saturdays, and I don't like any of the summer tops in their catalogues. We can bring in our own clothes and they will put the logo on them, so I'm going that route. Then I had a burrito and inaugurated the summer: I got ice cream from The Chief and brought it out to eat with you. It's my first visit to The Chief this year so I splurged and got strawberry shortcake. It was good, and it was good to talk to you while I ate. I hope you like the wildflowers I picked and gave you. I know they won't last long, but they were pretty.
I heard Tom Petty today. He's right that waiting is hard. I'm getting better at it, -since you forgot to take me with you, I've had plenty of practice. And I am doing more than waiting; I'm trying to live fully the life I have left. I have a service job, and family and friends, and four animals that love and depend on me. I am content, and even happy. But in the final analysis, I am waiting. Now I am waiting for a reunion that will last forever. And you are well worth the wait! It teaches me patience; stubborn endurance I was gifted with from birth. You may have noticed the stubborn part.
Putting my stubbornness to good use,

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