Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What Was, Still Is

Dear John,
It's our special day. We got married 37 years ago this morning. It's the high point of my life, you know. I loved you so much then; I love you so much more now.
Once again, thanks for asking! I never did actually say yes since you rendered me speechless. But, as you pointed out, subsequent actions on my part implied my consent. I am still amazed that I chose so well when I was so young. We really are perfect for each other. We got more so over the years - as we both grew, we grew in the same directions, grew together, became more like each other, changed each other for the better, became one flesh.
Tonight, know that I love you more now than I did then and that I would do it all over again. Know that you're the best thing in my life - you have been since the night we met. And know that I'm still your wife, this is still our anniversary, and the number of years we've been married will continue to increase. You can't get rid of me with a little thing like death. "Until death do us part" is for sissies. I'm yours forever. It is good to know that you're waiting for me.
Yours always,

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