Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Visit to the Sanitarium

Dear John,
It's been a full and interesting day. Actually, yesterday was. It's tomorrow already. It's been tomorrow for two hours. Yikes.
I spent the morning and afternoon in Midway with Becky and the felines. The kittens are thriving and adorable, and should soon be able to hold their own with the cats. I expect all of them to settle happily together. There will be some drama as they work out the pecking order. But they'll all be friends soon.
This evening I drove over to Louisville and am spending tonight with Donna. We finally got tickets for a tour of Waverly Hills Sanitarium. You remember it - the old tuberculosis sanitarium here. It was everything I hoped for and more. I don't care a hang about the ghost stuff; I just love old hospitals. And this is the king of old hospitals.
It was marvelous. I've visited and worked in enough hospitals of the same era that I could imagine it as it first was. And it was the best of the best, on the cutting edge of TB treatment. As is the case for the Duke CCU, you don't count the number of patients who died. You count the ones who lived, because without this place they would all have died.
I took a good number of photos, but most in areas where flash photography wasn't allowed. I'll have to upload them and work on brightness and contrast. In the meantime, here's one that came out rather well.
You wanted to bring me here but never got the chance. Know that I did get here and I wasn't disappointed. I'm glad you always respected my love for old buildings, even when you didn't particularly share it. Thank you for taking me to the Lizzie Borden house and for wanting to bring me here. As I've said, if I'd been born at the right time for the urban explorer movement, you'd have spent lots of time bailing me out of jail. I'd have become a professional trespasser. But tonight I was legal, so all is well.
Sleep well tonight,

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