Friday, June 12, 2015

Cats, Chili, & Dorm Rooms

Dear John,
Once again, thank you for living down the hall from Kyle in the dorm. It was one of the nicest things you ever did for me.

I'm in Midway with Becky and am having a wonderful time. I brought a cold with me, but it's going away quietly. Better living through chemicals - Sudafed, aspirin, and Mucinex. Yesterday we went to Lexington and played. Did you now they're tearing down the old Student Center and replacing it? It was time when we were there, so it's a bit overdue. We had lunch at Gold Star Chili - heaven in a bowl.
Today we explored the shops in Midway. Then we went to the county humane society to look at some kittens that needed fostering, and brought two home for Becky. We each took a kitten for the evening. Much more of this and I'll be sending Jethro outside asking him to find another kitten that needs rescuing.
Becky and I were talking once again about how delighted we were when the UK computers assigned us to each other as roommates our senior year. Now we realize that it wasn't only for then; it was even more for now. The Lord plans way, way ahead. Becky and I loved being roommates in college. But we're even more important to each other now, since you and Kyle decided to go home without taking us with you. I am grateful.
The four of us are now two. But we will be four again. I've lost count of how many we will be if you count the dogs and cats. But that number keeps changing. Please pray for these two adorable kittens and their relationship with the two cats, and the sanity of the affected humans. And thanks again - in dorm rooms, it's location, location, location!
Adore you,
Joan .

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