Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lawns & Laundry

Dear John,
Today was all about lawns and laundry. The neighborhood had a great mowing festival. Our grass wasn't too bad but the buckhorn was a foot high. If the stuff was edible, I'd have been able to feed a third-world country for a year. It kept clogging the mower so it all took a while. It's been cloudy all day, thank goodness, with a few sprinkles of rain that felt good.
I had two loads of laundry to do, one light load and one dark. The first is in the dryer and the second in the washer. It's running late because every time I've sat down today I've had Hunter asleep in my lap. And I love that so much that I just can't wake him up.
It turns out that the cats aren't as tidy as I thought they were. Their shedding had the floor looking so bad that Richard took pity on me and swept on Friday. It seems that being overwhelmed by hair will be my permanent state. The vet trimmed Jethro's toenails and will give him a bath before I pick him up tomorrow. That's as much break from animal hair as I can get.
Tomorrow I'll go back to work, and at my lunch break I'll go get Jethro. He'll sleep a week getting over partying too hard and life will get back to normal. The vacation was good. And it's good to be over the hurdle of taking my first vacation without you. I had a wonderful time with old friends. And I feel ready to go back to normality. Tomorrow I'll let you know how it went!
Miss you,

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