Friday, June 19, 2015

Of Heads & Hearts

Dear John,
We had a fairly slow Friday at work. I worked late, came home and fed the animals and myself, and got a call from Jen. She's on her way back from vacation and was between Atlanta and Chattanooga. It was good to talk to her - I've missed her, between my vacation and hers. Bless her, so many things have gone wrong on this trip that it sounds like the time I went to the Keys for Elyssa's birth. Nothing went right on that trip except Elyssa's birth, and that was kind of the point of it all, so it was okay. She'll be glad to be home.
When they were in New York somebody stole Elyssa's suitcase, which had your old phone in it. That matters to Jen, that your phone is gone. It's another part of you that's lost. I was surprised that it tugged at my heart a little, too. It's odd the things we become attached to because they were yours. Jethro wouldn't let me get rid of your Nikes. I could give away your chess books, but not your set. And that old orange polo shirt you did yard work in is safely tucked away with the rest of your things that I'm keeping.
Emotion isn't logic and emotions aren't logical. And that is logical, I suppose. It's illogical to expect yourself to be logical all the time. It isn't easy for people like me to learn to listen to their hearts and not just their heads. I'm learning to trust mine more as I get older. Sometimes it knows more than my head does, and about more important things.
But head and heart agree that you're The World's Only Perfect Man. They both miss you and want to be with you. In the meantime, I will try to see that the two of them get along well.
Adore you,

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