Saturday, June 27, 2015

Plagued by Pain, Rain, & Newsfeeds

Dear John,
We've had a lovely fall day. This morning while I was at work, I kept feeling like I should go home and watch football. It rained most of the day and never got out of the 50s.
Alas, there was no football. So I ended up taking an involuntary nap that lasted almost two hours. I think I was tired. I was constantly busy at work this morning - never sat down - but that's normal for a Saturday. What's making me more tired is pain. It will ease up eventually. Until then, I will take naps. The animals didn't mind; they piled up on me and we all went to sleep together.
Meanwhile, in the outside world, reactions to the Supreme Court decision and the confederate flag issue dominate. My Facebook newsfeed is overrun. I'm keeping out of the fray, not because of a lack of opinions, but because my opinions would take several volumes to explain and I'd probably end up losing friends from both ends of both spectrums. This, however, gave me a laugh. I thought you'd get a chuckle out of it, too.
I feel another involuntary nap coming on. So I'll go to sleep electively while I still have that choice. Sleep good tonight, with no pain or rain or newsfeeds to plague you!
Adore you,

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