Monday, June 1, 2015

Purple Petunias & Hybrid Dreams

Dear John,
I just have odds and ends tonight. Expect neither logical flow nor coherence.
The basement is almost dry. The very lowest areas are still a bit damp. We aren't expecting rain for a few days so it should dry up nicely. Some customers today were saying they had as much as five inches in their rain gauges. So it's not too bad to have had only one inch in the basement.
I planted the flowers after work today. It's good to look out the windows and see purple petunias in the window boxes. They'll make the whole house smell good when the windows are open. Tonight is our last cool night for a while so I should be able to open them tomorrow. The cats will love the petunias; they'll also love watching the hummingbirds they attract. The window boxes will look like this, except against our yellow house with white trim. It's going to be pretty this year.
I had an odd, hybrid dream last night. I dreamed about work, sort of. We'd moved into the new bank building, but we'd expanded our services to include hospital rooms. I was working the drive-up and the ICU. Tammy was still head teller and Crystal was head nurse. Charley was still bank manager and was also hospital administrator. And we were all having a lovely time. Today Charley said he has enough to do to keep in line with all the banking regulations; he has no desire to deal with hospital regulations as well. And I wouldn't wish Joint Commission on anybody.
It was an interesting variation on the nursing nightmares that I still sometimes have. We all have them - apparently retirement brings no relief. I remember when we were first married and I was working in The Hospital from Hell, and I woke you up in the middle of the night walking around in the bed, telling you that we had two patients coming from the ER and you had to move over to make room for them. I believe that was the only time I ever sleepwalked. Last night's dream was much more enjoyable. It was an interesting take on multitasking.
I only have one task now, and that is to get some sleep. Somehow I was up way too late last night. I hope to do better tonight. Your little family misses you. Feel free to drop by and see the petunias. We'll gladly kick out those ER patients to make room for you in the bed.
Missing cuddling with you,

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