Monday, June 15, 2015

Rain & Robberies

Dear John,
It's raining and almost dark, with a bit of thunder in the distance. I do hope Jethro is tired enough from being boarded that he'll sleep tonight anyway. I may have a dog on my head.
I'm officially back from vacation. It was good to go to work today. We appreciated our quiet day - the Ashley branch was robbed this morning. No one was hurt, thank goodness. So I've been remembering the four times you were robbed at gunpoint. Pizza Hut gave their managers extensive training, for which I am thankful. You knew what to do and you trained your staff. You always stayed so calm and handled it so well. I was proud of you for that. I had enough confidence in your abilities that I never was afraid for you. Of course, it didn't happen that often. Four times in twenty years of restaurant management isn't bad. And I remember the night you called me from work and told me that if I heard that there had been a murder at your store, it wasn't you. That was an unusual night.
I know - it's a serious subject. But I can't stop
laughing at this!
I was always grateful that you called me as soon as you could after a robbery. I never had to hear about it from the news. I knew you were okay long before I knew there was any reason to worry. You'd call the police and then me. I appreciate that more than I can say. And I appreciate and admire your calm, controlled competence with a gun pointed at you. You knew how to keep the robbers relaxed and happy. Nobody ever got hurt in any of your stores.
So today I was thinking, as I often do, that I hope it's me if we're ever robbed. For one thing, I learned so much from you over your years of being robbed. For another thing, I'm the person we could best do without if it ever came to that. And for another thing, I really don't have that survival instinct anymore. That would make it much easier to be calm and relaxed in a stressful situation. I can see you frowning at me, but it's true. So there.
That's all the news - just a bank robbery. That's really enough, isn't it? But, like the times you were robbed, nobody was hurt and all is well. Thank you for being wonderful.
Adore you,

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