Friday, June 5, 2015

Return of the Imposter

Dear John,
We had an interesting day at work, rife with technical problems. We got through just fine thanks to our back-up systems. It was entertaining. And it was rewarding - it feels good to do our jobs without part of our computer system. I love being back in a service job.
Remember the imposter - the litter-mate of Abby's that I once mistook for her? He comes to the house occasionally and sits on the front porch and yowls. He's completely feral and won't let me near him and is doing fine on his own, so I don't worry about him. Jethro usually barks at him and he keeps his distance. With Jethro at the vet now, we had a bit of an adventure yesterday afternoon.
I've been walking to work this week. I was coming home yesterday, turned the last corner, and heard yowling and growling. I ran up the street and there was the imposter hanging on to one of the living room screens with all four paws and yowling. Abby was inside growling and hissing at him. I chased him off the porch and found that he had shredded the screen and dug up one of the petunias in the window box. I replanted the petunia and groused about the screen, and didn't see any of the cats for over half an hour.
I don't speak cat well enough to know exactly what is going on. It's not the urge to procreate - all the mammals in this house are neutered. He seems to want to get to Abby but she clearly wants nothing to do with him. Do cats have sibling bonds? Does Abby remember being abandoned before Jethro found her? I have no idea. I just know that I'll have to re-do that screen. And I'll be glad when Jethro is back home to chase away the imposters. Goodness knows what will happen while I'm out of town.
Speaking of that, I'm ready to leave in the morning. I cleaned the house this evening. Tomorrow I'll water the petunias, fill the birdfeeders, and start the dish washer before I leave. I should have good weather for the trip. Pray for me as I take my first vacation alone. I'll be thinking about you.
Love you always,

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