Saturday, June 6, 2015

Road Contruction and Scenic Tours

Dear John,
I'm tired and happy. I'm in Louisville at Donna's. I left at 11:00 and got here around 6:30. But I lost around an hour to road construction - 'tis the season - and at least another half an hour because I turned onto 464 instead of 465. I came the scenic route, if Louisville can be considered scenic. But I'm here and it was a good trip. I came down State Route 13 instead of going to Fort Wayne and down, and it cut off an hour.
I found this tonight and thought you'd like it. Jethro can't fit on our cat tree, and that's a good thing. I miss the critters tonight; I'll probably be a basket case by the time I get home. Hunter and Abby figured out what was going on when I brought the suitcase upstairs, just like our dogs always did. Hunter followed me step for step then settled into the suitcase. Maggie seemed a bit confused; I haven't left home since Jethro found her. I told Hunter to assure her that I'd be back.
I miss them more than I expected to. I'm accustomed to sharing my bed with four furbabies; it feels strange to go to bed alone. But I'm tired after the drive and won't be awake for very long. Stop in and check on them for me if you can.
Adore you,

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