Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thermostats, Watermelons, & the Carriage Sale

Dear John,
We have air conditioning again. It was fixed this morning. I expected the problem to be in the thermostat, and it was. It was missing a jump wire. So the nice man put one on and, lo and behold, everything worked perfectly. I'll probably need a new unit next year because the old one is leaking coolant. It is twenty years old, after all. I can go up on efficiency like I did with the new furnace, and it will soon pay for itself. The gas budget has gone down fifty dollars a month since replacing the old furnace.
The animals are quite pleased with the air conditioning. The temperature hasn't been that bad; it's the humidity they were struggling with. And they hate having the fan on in the bedroom at night. Nobody but Jethro will sleep on the bed when it's on. Tonight I should have all of them in bed with me. That will be good.
I need to get all of us down the hall and to bed soon. Besides tomorrow being Friday, it's also carriage sale day. And the drive-up has been closed for the last two days, so some folks will have waited for it to re-open. I expect to be swamped. But that will make the day pass quickly, and that is good. I'll wear comfortable shoes.
The picture is just for laughs. Why didn't I think of that? It's obvious, isn't it? My first-grade math book was full of problems about elephants and umbrellas. And I never wondered why.
You probably wonder why I'm still up and babbling about elephants, umbrellas, and watermelons. Good question! I'll take my wandering brain off to bed. Sleep good! Your little family misses you.
Adore you,

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