Monday, July 13, 2015

Bailing, Itching, & Kitty Toes

Dear John,
Last night went downhill fast. I woke up at 1 AM with terrible itching all over. There was no rash or anything, just the fibro itch. I took 25 mg of Benadryl, not wanting to take so much that I couldn't get awake for work this morning. I was still wide awake with itching unabated at 5:00. So I texted that I wouldn't be in to work and took another 50 mg. I finally got to sleep around 6:00.
I got up at 10:30 and felt awful all day, hurting and itching and nauseated. Strong storms rolled through and I realized why I was flaring. It was the weather. My body knew the storms were coming long before I did. I napped and knitted and scratched all day. My one productive act was trimming toenails on Hunter and Maggie.
Now it's 9:30 and I'm in bed with the laptop, and more storms are moving through. We're under a tornado watch and a severe thunderstorm warning. Jethro is squeezed between my back and the headboard. And everything hurts and itches. I'm going to take 50 mg of Benadryl after the storms pass and hope to sleep tonight without waking up scratching. This is one of the less-endearing forms of allodynia. But we fibromites all do it. It's not a skin thing - there's never anything there where we itch - it's the brain misreading nerve input, like everything else. And it will go away. I hope in time for work tomorrow.
That's all that's happening here - bailing the basement, itching, and trimming cat toenails. That's been my day! Today I really wished you were here to help with the basement. But I'm doing okay keeping up with it. There's one thing, though. I can't find the hose for the wetvac. Could you call or text me and tell me where it is? It would save so much time and effort if I could use it instead of sweeping the water into the sump hole. And, from the weather forecast, I have several more days of rain ahead.
The storm is easing up so I'll be getting the critters off to bed soon. Continue to pray for the basement, and also for this flare. And maybe for a good night's sleep? That would be easier if you were here. But what wouldn't? Sleep well, far away from wet basements and itchy wives!
Love you with all my heart,

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