Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday with Stonehenge

Dear John,
The fibro flare let up enough to let me go to work today. It's Friday so it was busy, but pleasantly so, not frantic. It was good to be back. Bless them, the people I work with sympathize instead of judging. That's unusual when you're dealing with fibromyalgia.
I slept some last night. It took 75 mg of Benadryl because of the pain. And I was up once with Jethro when some storms came through about 3 AM. The alarm was set for 5:45, but there was a flash of lightening at 5:30 and, the first thing I knew, there was a dog on my head. Tonight's storms went a bit north of us. I'm glad - the basement is still drying out, and I have no desire to get any more water in it.
Today I've had more pain but less itching, and that is a good trade. Now, as the sun is going down, the itching it starting up again. I'm still getting that feeling like I've been stabbed with a hot needle - a couple of times at work I jumped and yelped, but people were nice to me anyway.
I'm glad I'm only working four hours tomorrow - I'm worn out from today. It's going to be in the 90s and humid all weekend. I believe I'll stay inside and knit socks. I'm hoping that, if I'm careful for the next few days, this flare will go away quietly. I'm very ready to be done with it.
Thanks for listening to me grumble. I know you've always wanted to know what's going on and how I'm feeling. You probably don't think I've been grumbling, and I've really tried not to. You were the perfect husband for a fibromite - patient, understanding, glad to help but never hovering, never for a moment considering leaving me. And I can hear you saying that I never left you, either. But I married you knowing you'd already had cancer. Fibro wasn't something you bargained for. But, as I've said, we both took our wedding vows very seriously. When we said, "In sickness and in health," we meant it.
Still waiting for the "in health" part,

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