Sunday, July 12, 2015

Good Times and Ninja Cats

Dear John,
As expected, the basement-bailing took its toll and I felt awful today. I got up at 10:30 and did as little as possible, and feel better tonight. I stretched out for a nap this afternoon and slept for two hours. Evidently the animals thought that was enough. I was sound asleep and Maggie walked up and punched me in the stomach. She made sure I was awake and walked away. She's strong for her size! That was quite a whack she gave me.
I woke up with "Sweet Caroline" on my mind. (Yes, I saw that episode of Big Bang Theory last night.) I hit the line about good times never being so good, and my brain got stuck. I turned over the phrase "good times," and you know exactly where it ended up. It landed in the lecture hall in the new biology building, in BIO 201, listening to Dr. Sabarwal teach botany. When he talked about plant reproduction, he always referred to the process as plants having "good times." I can still hear him say it.

I'm glad for a lot of reasons that I was a biology major for two years before I switched to nursing. It gave me so much more science background, and I've always valued that. But it also meant that your first two years were the same as mine, except that you took Russian and I took German. It was good to have shared all of that with you.
So tonight, laugh with me about "good times" and sympathize with me for being cat-punched. I can't hear you laugh with me. But I can come here and know that you know and are chuckling about it. And that is good.
Can't wait to hear you laugh,

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