Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy Name Day!

Dear John,
St. John of San Francisco
Happy name day! As you well know, today is the feast day of St. John of San Francisco, whose name you took when you were chrismated. Please kiss his hand for me and ask his blessing, not for you but for me. You are no longer in need of blessing. When I pray to him, I ask him to pray for me and to continue to take care of you.
What I said to you yesterday has not yet resulted in my being devoured. Or arrested. I was too busy today to begin the construction of my rain barrel. I had a lovely day. The animals woke me up at 7:30, so I got an early start in the flower beds. I weeded, pruned trees and bushes, edged the driveway and patio, and trimmed around the flower beds and fence. While that was going on, I washed sheets and blankets and did some spot-cleaning on the stair carpet. I would have swept and dusted except that I spent some time talking to Janet over the back fence. That was much more important than sweeping and dusting. The animal hair isn't going anywhere.
I took a break in the afternoon to go to Goshen for my mammogram. Due to the perfidy of insurance companies, it's been four years since my last one. Then, as you also well know, I brought lunch out to eat with you. I just had to come visit you on your name day. There's a marker on the bike path a little ways west of you that tells some of the history of the cemetery. Did you now the first burial there was in 1832, and that there is at least one Revolutionary War veteran buried there? If you haven't, you should go read it. It's interesting. We are in august company.
It's time for bed here. There are already some fireworks, so Jethro is presently hiding behind my grandmother's chair. The next few nights will be hard for him, poor baby. Last night I went to sleep with fireworks going off and his big head laid over mine to keep me safe. He is very serious about protecting me, now that you're not here. I am well-looked-after. But I'd rather have you.
Wishing you were here,

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