Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jethro the Cat Herder

Dear John,
There's not much to tell tonight. It's late - I have to get up in less than eight hours. So I don't have much time in which to say not much. At least there is symmetry involved.
You know Abby dotes on Jethro, who doesn't give her the attention she wants. She's gone back to doing something she did when she was a kitten. When I let the dog out, she sits at the back door watching him outside. When he comes to the door wanting to be let back in, she howls until I come get him. They all have times that they watch him out the back door, but Abby is the only one who howls for me to let him in.
They're all so funny. And they're all still cuddly since I went on vacation. I've been back almost a month, but they still can't get enough petting and cuddling. I enjoy it as much as they do, so we're all happy here. For a few minutes tonight, I had all of them in my lap at once.
It's time to get them and myself off to bed. Jethro is, as usual, asleep beside me. The cats are chasing each other up and down the hall. I'll have to send the dog out to round them up, like the one in the picture. Come join us if you can!
Adore you,

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