Saturday, July 11, 2015

Requiescat, Part II

Dear John,
You will be relieved to know that the dead raccoon was picked up and taken away. You'll be happy to know that the memorial lives on in a different form. Isn't this delightful? I want to meet these people. Evidently it all started with a tweet about the poor creature. It seems that Twitter can be useful after all.
 I had a bipolar day. The first half was great. I made my monthly shopping trip to Goshen and got home about 2:30. Then began the second half of the day, which was not so great. I'd checked the basement after the last rainfall and it was fine. I checked again today and found the worst flood we've ever had. Areas that have never flooded before had an inch of water. I checked the sump pump and confirmed that it was fine, then I got out the push broom and swept all the water into the sump hole. I closed the windows and turned on the air conditioning to help things dry out. It's much better this evening. After it's all dry, there will be things I have to get rid of. But none of that is bad; it's stuff I should have thrown out but couldn't bring myself to. It's time for a grand clearing out and reorganizing. The biggest adventure was that the carpet on the landing at the foot of the basement stairs was soaked. I spent the rest of the day rotating towels between the carpet and the dryer. That will continue tomorrow. And possibly tomorrow and tomorrow. I'm glad there is no subflooring there, just concrete. What a mess!
So, are we having fun yet? The day was productive. Besides drying out the basement, I got cheese and tomatoes from Fritz and a bar of soap at The Soapy Gnome and twenty pounds of blueberries at Kercher's. I had a 30%-off coupon for Kohls and they were having  a sale, so I got four tops and saved $91. I'll have three of them embroidered with the bank logo to wear at work. And I picked up kitty litter. It's going to get warmer tomorrow, so I was going to have to close the house anyway. It's supposed to rain the next three days. That may mean more bad news for the basement.
Please pray for our carpet and our basement, and that the rain will drain elsewhere for a change. And pray for me, since the fibro didn't at all enjoy sopping up all that wetness. I don't believe the raccoon is in need of prayer. If you see him, let him know how many people have been touched by his demise.
Adore you,

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