Friday, July 24, 2015

The All-Important Mammary Suspensory Ligament

Dear John,
We finally had a busy Friday. With the plants taking breaks this month, they've been unusually slow for a few weeks. Today we were back to normal Friday, which means I ran full-speed almost all day.
I did get time to make phone calls and schedule the biopsy. They normally do them on Fridays, but I explained my work situation and they arranged for me to be done at 3:00 on Wednesday, August 12th. That way I can work until 2:00 that day and be off the next. We don't have any vacations scheduled in August, so I will attempt to get all my disruption done before September starts.
The all-important mammary
suspensory ligament.
The Elkhart County Fair opened today, and I've been remembering all the fairs we went to. We tried to plan our day there according to the schedule of animal judgings, and we learned so much from watching those. I'll never forget the year we saw the female goat competition. That's where we first heard about mammary suspensory ligaments and their importance in judging. Hey, maybe that's what's really wrong with me! Maybe it isn't abnormal calcification, just a mammary suspensory ligament problem! Think so?
Only you and I would think that is funny, but I'm sure you're rolling in the aisles laughing. And so am I. It was one of those phrases that became part of the family vocabulary. And it still is, but I don't say it out loud anymore whenever I pass goats in a field. I just think it, remember, and smile. See, I even found a drawing of one! Look at it and remember good days together at the fair.
I'll finally be going to the fair this year - the last time we went was 2010. In 2011 I'd just broken my collar bone, 2012 speaks for itself, and since then I haven't had anybody to go with. So Richard and I will be going together this year, and I'm looking forward to it. We have a small rivalry between pie and elephant ears, but we'll just get one of each. I never could stand elephant ears. I'll miss you at the fair, but it will be good to go back. And I'll remember and smile.
Yours always,

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