Monday, July 6, 2015

The House is Yellow - Who Knew?

Dear John,
I had the house power washed today - it turns out that it's yellow. Who knew?
We used to get it done every year, but I haven't been able to afford it so it's been four years. We had mold and moss growing on the north side and it was filthy. I'd tried to wash it myself, but there's no substitute for turning Steve loose on it with his hot water truck. It's beautiful.
Yesterday afternoon I took out the screens and moved the window boxes. After work tonight I put them all back, filled the birdfeeders, and took the trash to the street. And then I took a shower - it was nearly 90 today and humid. I was a mess after doing all that.
The house looks nice on the outside - you'd be happy with it. Now I need to turn my attention to the inside. It never ends on either side. Inside, the animals keep shedding. Outside, the weeds and grass keep growing. It gives me good, healthy occupation and plenty of exercise.
Now I'm in bed with the dog asleep beside me and lots of lightening bugs out in the back yard. It's dusk and they're lighting up the neighborhood. The windows are closed until tomorrow, when it's going to cool off again for a few days. I miss the sounds and smells of the outside, but none of us need to have the house open when it's 90.
What temperature is Heaven? Is there temperature in Heaven? Can your new body even feel things like that? And when are you getting Skype up there so you can answer all these questions? My laptop is ready - I'm just waiting for you.
Waiting for you, always,

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