Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Relative Nature of the Relative Humidity

Dear John,
I stayed inside today. The weather has figured out that it's July - it's been in the upper 80s and humid. My fibro has never liked that. All of us fibromites are sensitive to weather - some can't handle heat and some cold. I can take the cold with no problem, but days like today do unpleasant things to me.
This kind of weather always reminds me of Durham - decent town, dreadful climate. I swear the temperature and humidity were both above 95 for half of the year. You could squeeze the air and get a glass of water from it. And, as you pointed out, it just got worse after it rained. We lived in a house with no air conditioning or shade, and I was working third shift. I'd come home from work, put on a bathing suit, get in the shower and get it wet, and sleep on a stack of towels with a fan blowing on me. Horrible climate.
I worked with a nurse from Maine and you worked with a guy from Cleveland, and everybody else we knew was local.  Midge and I would go to work in cardigans when everybody else came in wearing coats and hats and mittens. You and the guy from Cleveland were the only delivery drivers who would get out in snow, and you always got huge tips those nights. Remember the day they closed the mall on us because an inch of snow was predicted? To be fair, they didn't have any road equipment and nobody ever got much practice driving on snow. We lived there for four years and I wore my winter coat twice. Dreadful climate.
So it's warm and humid here, but nothing like Durham, thank goodness. I try not to laugh when people here talk about how miserable the humidity is. What's humid here is dry in Durham. I'm glad we went there and have good memories of it, but none of them happened in the summer. Horrible climate.
It's bedtime here. Your little family loves and misses you. Nobody misses the weather in Durham.
Adore you,

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