Monday, August 31, 2015

A Happy Cat

Dear John,
Thank you for praying for the cat. About half an hour after I asked you to, he started getting better. I called the vet this morning, and instead of bringing him in, they had me pick up some antibiotics. I got them over my lunch break, came home and gave him one before I went back to work, and he was his normal self when I got home after work. Right now he's draped over my legs, purring his little heart out.
He was so glad to feel better tonight! After I got home, fed them and myself, changed clothes, and sat down, Hunter came and shared a prolonged affection attack with me. He head-butted me, purred, rubbed, and nuzzled. Then he curled up in my lap and when to sleep. I'm very happy and relieved to see him so much better. He's eating and drinking well tonight, too. He has two weeks of antibiotics to take. I'll keep you posted on the pill-taking issue. So far, so good.
Thanks again for praying for him. Sometimes I forget to ask you to pray for things. I'm used to you praying for me, and I know that you still do. But I can ask you when there's something special like a sick cat. I'll try to be better at remembering that.
Adore you,

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