Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Concerning Abby's Parentage

Dear John,
Whatever-it-was did whatever-it-was-doing again last night, but for three hours this time. It startled Jethro when it started, so he woke me up. But I had the fan on so I slept through most of it. It I hear it when I don't have to get up early for work, I'm going to put on jeans and a tee shirt and go find out what it is.
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Remember the little imposter, the littermate of Abby's that tries to get into the house? It turns out that he's Murphy, Richard's cat. Their mother was his also. The litter was born in Tiffany's shed. How Abby ended up under Janet's bush I have no idea. I discovered all this when Richard came by to give me some of his cherry tomatoes. The cat came up and I told him that this was the cat I'd talked about, the one that clawed the holes in my screen. And he said, "Oh, that's Murphy," and the cat came up to him to be petted. So it seems that Richard and I are related somehow - I'm not sure what it's called when people adopt siblings.
I do hope to sleep tonight. If this noise keeps up, I really will track it down and find out what it is. Want to come along? It should be fun, out at 3 AM with a flashlight, trying to follow a noise. I do hope nobody calls the police on me. You're not here to bail me out! I'll keep you posted on all nocturnal adventures.
Love you so much,

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