Sunday, August 16, 2015

Of Socks & Corn

Dear John,
Work was good today, a bit slow for a Saturday, but nobody minded. After work most of us met up at the grocery store. There are days we could have a staff meeting there. It's so good to have a little grocery store here in town. I remember how excited we both were when it opened - it meant not having to drive twenty minutes to Walmart for everything. We can keep our money local, which is also good. And it's not such a disaster if I forget something.
I didn't do much after work, just knitted. I'm feeling much better, but still a little sore and tender. It's going to be hot and humid this weekend, so it's not the time for yard work. I have 2 1/4 pairs of socks finished out of a total of 11 pairs needed by Christmas.
Dinner tonight  was wonderful. I had a tomato sandwich with a fresh, garden-grown tomato, and some fresh sweet corn. I did the corn a different way that I learned from Pinterest. I trimmed off the lose husk and silks, left it in the shuck, and put it on the rack in a 350-degree oven for half an hour. And it was perfect. It was just like off the grill. And so easy to shuck! I will never boil corn again.
So if you're not on Pinterest yet, go check it out. And, for goodness' sake, get yourself on Skype. There are lots of us down here that want to see you and talk to you. I can't imagine how happy Jethro would be to see and hear his Daddy! He still sniffs your Nikes and wags his tail, then gives me the big, sad eyes.
Speaking of the dog, we had two bands of thunderstorms come through last night. As usual, I was up with him both times. He's so funny. When I'm sitting up, he will lay his head in my lap and be content through any storm.  But if I'm lying down, he has to protect me from it by covering my head. He takes his position as man of the house very seriously.
That's all for today, just a good, quiet day and a new and improved way to cook corn. How would you live without this?
Adore you,

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