Monday, August 3, 2015

Hunter is Better

Dear John,
Hunter is better. I called June when they opened and she said to bring him right in. She wanted a urine specimen, and he promptly peed on her countertop when we took him out of the carrier. Very thoughtful of him! His urine showed blood, WBCs, and bacteria, so a urinary tract infection. There were no crystals; than mean he's probably at lower risk for kidney stones.
He'll be on an antibiotic for two weeks. June gave him the first one before we left, and he was feeling better by the time we got home. When I got home from work he was so much better that, if I didn't know he was sick, I wouldn't have been able to tell. He chowed down on dinner with great enthusiasm, ran around the house with the other cats, and is drinking plenty of water. It's amazing how fast he's turned around.
Bless him, he's not hard to give pills to. I've given pills to all three of mine and never had a problem. But I grew up giving pills to dogs, and it isn't all that different. We won't have any trouble with two weeks of one pill a day. He's a sweet cat.
Thank you for praying for him. I didn't realize how worried I was about him until I relaxed tonight. Like I said last night, I have a lot to learn about cats. But at least I know how to give them pills!
Adore you,

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