Sunday, August 9, 2015

I'm Ready for Some Football

Dear John,
I rested and knitted today, and am feeling nearly human tonight. I did lots of simultaneous knitting and napping, but the sock is none the worse for it.
The Hall of Fame Game was tonight, signaling the great change of the seasons. It's Steelers and Vikings this year. I made it into the third quarter before having to go to bed.
The good news is that Jerome Bettis was inducted into the Hall of Fame yesterday. There was a long interview at halftime. It was lovely to see him again. I still miss him on the field. I well remember watching his last game with you. It was terrific that it was in Detroit. And what a heart-stopper of a game!
The bad news is that Frank Gifford died today. All the posts on Facebook were referring to him as the husband of Kathy. I, of course, pointed out that he was important in his own right. I probably puzzled the young folks, but that's nothing unusual. I'm old - I remember him playing, I remember him on Monday Night Football, and I completely forget who he married. It's a matter of priorities.
So tonight as football starts up again, I'm thinking about you and remembering how much we enjoyed watching it together. From our first date to your last post-season, it was one of our favorite things to do. Now I watch for both of us. But never without missing you.
Still glad I married a man who likes sports,

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