Thursday, August 27, 2015

Screens, Dustpans, & Benadryl

Dear John,
I've had a lovely day off. I took Jethro in for his yearly vet visit today. He is at his ideal weight, and June says he's very fit and muscular. And his teeth are perfect. He's a healthy, happy dog.
After I got back, I took two of the screens out of the windows and had the hardware store re-screen them. Well, not the store itself. JJ and Dave. But you know what I mean. It's lovely to have intact screens in the windows. I have one more to get done, but it isn't as bad as those two were. They got clawed up one day when Murphy decided that he absolutely had to get to Abby. I came home to find him hanging from the living room screen by all four feet, yowling at Abby, while she spat and hissed at him. Unrequited love, I suppose, like Abby's for Jethro. We have so much drama here.
I made my monthly Goshen shopping trip today, and I found the most wonderful thing. I got one of those long-handled dust pan/broom sets. When I got home, I took about two minutes with it, walked around the house and swept up the animal hair from the usual places, and it looks wonderful. It will help keep the house clean and tidy between cleanings. I'll probably use it every day in the workroom. Hunter has decided he has to have an open litter box - he's really too big for a closed one - and he kicks litter all the way across the room.
So this is a good time for a visit! We are mosquito-free and there's no cat litter on the floors! And I'm tired and happy after having a lovely, domestic day. Jethro is sleeping off his shots and the cats are in the windowsills. I'll be taking Benadryl again tonight - I got bitten twice by a spider at work yesterday, and my right wrist is red and swollen and very itchy. Don't worry - I'm keeping an eye on it and taking Benadryl when I can.
I'm off to bed now. Do come and visit me tonight if you can. I love and miss you immense amounts.

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