Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Fridge Door Tradition

Dear John,
It was quiet last night. No beeping at all. I did enjoy sleeping. I should do that more often.
I had a busy day today - worked until 1:00, met a friend for lunch, dusted, swept, mopped the whole house, cleaned the kitchen, did general straightening, washed the pink cat pee out of the blanket and bedspread, did other laundry, and tried to plug the holes in the screen that the mosquitoes are getting in.
It's been so wet this summer that the mosquitoes are terrible. They're coming in the holes Murphy tore in the screen and eating me alive. As a temporary measure until I can replace the screen, I bought some 2X2 screen squares today and put them in. After my shower tonight I put tea tree oil on over forty bites. I even have two on my right upper eyelid.
I found this tonight - do you remember when it was first published? We were in Durham them. I remember cutting it out of the newspaper and putting it on the fridge door. We always did love The Far Side. And you could always tell everything you needed to know about us by reading our fridge door. You'd find humor, politics, religion, everything there. That's still true. Who I am is on the fridge door for all to see. The tradition continues.
Jim and Irene got here a little while ago and unloaded tools and stuff. We'll have a fun and productive couple of days. Come and join us if you can!
Adore you,

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