Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Whatever-it-Was Did Whatever-it-Did

Dear John,
I'm tired. I was sleeping so well last night, then at 2 AM there came this loud, piercing beeping noise from the general direction of Lake Street. All the animals were frightened, even the cats. I couldn't see anything outside and never figured out what it was. It lasted until almost 3, so I missed an hour of sleep in the middle of my night. And it's still a mystery - I can't even find anybody else that heard it. Of course, everybody I know was sleeping with their windows closed. I have no idea why, with highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s, but they were. Of course, I'm getting all kinds of comments about this noise that only I heard. I just hope whatever-it-was doesn't make a nightly habit of whatever-it-was-doing.
The drive-up was closed part of the day while they trenched and laid the power line to the new building. And the gutters went up this afternoon. And I learned how to balance the ATM. Normal people hate doing it, but I think I'll love it. After I was done I spent about an hour figuring out the procedure and paperwork and putting it into a form that is useful to me. You know I've always thought in diagrams and flow charts. I can handle written instructions because my mind is busy turning them into diagrams and flow charts.
I realized that there are three parts to this that have to be done and documented: money moving from the vault to the customers and the AMT teller drawer, from there to my drawer, and from mine back to the vault. That makes it easy - the paperwork is just in- and out-slips and transactions. I should enjoy the precision of it.
Hunter continues to improve. He has time to get to the litter box almost all the time. Tonight he was asleep in my lap when the dog barked and scared him. That nightgown is now in the washer with everything else that has cat pee on it. But I was glad to see that his pee isn't pink anymore. And he's eating and drinking very well.
It's past my bedtime. I'm very tired from last night, so I need to get as much sleep as I can tonight. I'm leaving the windows open, of course, and hope to get through the night without any mysterious outside noises.
Miss you every minute,

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