Sunday, August 30, 2015

Where Prayer is a Local Call

Dear John,
Thank you - no nightmares last night. I got a good night's sleep with normal dreams. It was nice.
Please pray tonight for Hunter. He has another bladder infection, poor kitty. Late last night I picked him up. He wasn't purring, which is odd. Then he shifted in my hands and started crying. I put him down and he licked his bottom and cried for about ten minutes, then peed some pink urine. Today he's still eating and drinking - otherwise, I'd have had him to the vet ER in Fort Wayne - and peeing in small, frequent amounts. He's spent most of the day in our closet cuddled up on the carpet. Bless the other cats, they've been going in and checking on him and grooming him every little while. As with the last bladder infection, Jethro just wants to sniff his rear.
It's so hard to see him feel bad and not be able to fix it right away! I love this cat so much. This morning I texted Danielle and told her I'd be taking lunch whenever I can get him in to see June tomorrow. She said she'd put two of us at the drive-up so I could be gone whenever I needed to. I promised them I'd never need maternity leave, but I never said anything about veterinary emergencies. It's wonderful that everybody is so nice about it, since I don't have anyone else that can take them to the doctor.
It's time to turn out the lights. Jethro is asleep on my feet, Maggie in the windowsill, Hunter under the bed, and Abby going back and forth between the front window and checking on Hunter. Thank you for your prayers. You can pray so much better now, it being a local call and all.
Love you so, so much,

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