Friday, September 11, 2015

Cat Nests & Hot Chocolate

Dear John,
I think I just hit the wall. It was a busy Friday at work, and I just ran out of energy. So this will be short - I'll try to end before I start to babble.
I have to tell you what Hunter did Wednesday night. I was sound asleep when I felt him jump up on the bed. He walked up me - he never walks up the bed, he walks on me. I expected him to drape himself over my ribs like he usually does. But he kept walking - up my shoulder, across my face, and onto my hair, and proceeded to lie down in it. He moved it around a bit with his feet and took hunks of hair in his mouth and pulled until he had it arranged the way he wanted. Then he purred for a bit and went to sleep. When I woke up over three hours later, he was still there in my hair.
These guys are adorable and I'm so sorry you're missing them. Hunter is all cuddles and affection, Abby is loving but not as cuddly, Maggie loves to cuddle but is still kitten enough to play a lot. Tonight Hunter was in my lap and Jethro walked by; as usual, the cat smacked him on the bottom. Abby follows Jethro around and begs for his attention. Maggie comes up and tries to groom him. They're adorable.
That's all for tonight, just cat stories. It's 56 and raining, supposed to go down to 48 tonight. The trees are starting to turn and it's completely dark by 9:00. We're headed for the autumnal equinox. I'm ready for fall, if not for snow yet. But I love every season and I'm ready for each one when it comes. For now, the windows are open and I'm listening to the rain. Jethro is asleep at my feet and the cats are in the windowsills. And, as usual, all that's missing is you. And maybe you could bring hot chocolate when you come by tonight?
I'll leave the light on,

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