Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How Treating One Problem Causes Two More

Dear John,
Hunter is home, everybody is happy, and all is well. His urine showed no bacteria, but a little blood and some crystals. He's on one more week of antibiotics. When I picked him up and swaddled him in his towel to give him his pill tonight, all the rest came and sat huddled around him to be sure he was alright.
In the interest of preventing stones, he's on a special food for cats with urinary problems. And, as usual, treating one problem causes a few more. I could give all the cats this new food, but it costs a good bit more than what they're on. So I'm having to segregate the cats at mealtimes. I'm feeding Abby and Maggie on the cat tower where I always have, and Hunter in the bathroom with the door closed. Hunter, calm creature that he is, doesn't mind this at all. He chowed right down. Abby and Maggie, on the other hand, stood outside the bathroom door whimpering. They'll get used to it, but they don't like it right now. We're having to do two meals a day, too - that will be another hurdle, since they're accustomed to being able to eat whenever they want to. I'll have to get up a bit early in the morning to feed them before I leave for work.
It's always something with the children, isn't it? And I have discovered that sleep is not aided by having the police on your doorstep at bedtime. I had a hard time winding down enough to sleep last night. It didn't help any of us that Hunter was gone. We all had a lousy night and I was so, so tired all day. We're all way past ready for bed - Jethro is asleep beside me and cats are draped in the window sills. I am rapidly approaching incoherence. So I will take your little family off to bed. Tonight we're all here and the police aren't, so it should be a much better night.
Sleep well,

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