Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jethro & the Fluffy Jelly Beans

Dear John,
We are in the midst of a mild adventure. It had the possibility of turning into a cataclysm, but at the moment it's just a mild adventure.
I let Jethro out this morning and he wouldn't come back in. He was whimpering at the arborvitae, so I thought the orange tomcat was there tormenting him again. I went out the with broom, poked the bushes, and was surprised to see a small black cat emerge and run off. I went back inside and called the dog, but he still wouldn't come. I went to see what was up, and found a kitten less than a week old, eyes still shut, just inside the fence.
This is just what they
look like!
I've never seen a kitten that young before. I picked it up just as Carrie walked over from across the street. It seems that the black cat had kittens in Carrie's yard a few days ago and moved them to my yard last night. When I put the kitten back, I saw at least three more under the shrubs. I dragged the dog inside, went to work, and wondered all day what was going on under those bushes.
The first thing I did when I got home was check. All the kittens are still there and mama has returned. All is well, but the geography of it presents some challenges. The only way I can keep Jethro away is to put him on a chain. So I got out an old one and figured out that he can't reach the kittens if it's looped around the clothesline post. He can, however, get himself wrapped around the dogwood tree. He's never been on a chain before, poor baby, but he has adapted well so far. I'll check the bushes every day. I can't let him have the run of the yard until mama moves her babies.
I'm so relieved that she came back. Of course, I'd have to take in any abandoned babies. And this morning, Jethro wanted to adopt all of them. But taking in a litter of less-than-a-week-old kittens looks a bit daunting. They're completely adorable, just like black fluffy jelly beans. Don't worry - I'll keep close watch over them and be sure they're alright. I hope mama continues to take good care of them. But you know I'll step in if I need to. With Jethro right behind me.
Tonight you have a few more cats to pray for! Please continue to pray for Hunter as he recovers from his UTI. And pray for mama and babies. And, if you have any free time, for me, too.
Adore you,

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