Friday, September 18, 2015

Logistics, Carnage, & the Apple Festival

Dear John,
It's been an active day. We had a very busy Friday at work, but a good one. Plans are coming along to move into the new bank in a couple of weeks. We're all looking forward to it. It will be nice to work this winter in a building that has heat throughout. But I still think we should take the bats with us when we move.
I came home, fed the critters, ate dinner, and had a hard time staying awake.
Oh, I forgot to tell you! I figured out a better way to segregate the cats during mealtimes. Hunter is the one on special food; he's also the only one who can jump up on the kitchen counters. So I feed him on that small area of countertop between the fridge and the coat closet, and feed the other two on the cat tower. Abby's bowl is where I've always fed them; Maggie's in on her favorite platform. So the logistics challenge has been met.
Anyway, I was having trouble staying awake. So I bowed to the inevitable and came down the hall at 7:45. I caught up the financials on the computer and paid a couple of bills. Then I gave Hunter his pill. To set the stage for all this, there is a smallish thunderstorm going on. There was a big clap of thunder just as Hunter swallowed his pill. Jethro jumped into my lap and landed on Hunter. And my poor cat with the UTI lost control of a very full bladder. The towel and my bedroom shoe caught most of it. The rest was on my clothes, the fitted sheet and mattress pad, and the floor. Another sheet-washing was required. So I'm sleeping on makeshift sheets tonight.
After cleaning up all of that, I was brushing my teeth and heard an odd noise. I'd forgotten the bag of cat treats and left it on the bed. Maggie found the bag, ripped it open, and was helping herself. So the cat treats are now in a glass jar, one of those old Plochman's mustard jars we've had for years. I defy them to get into that without opposable thumbs.
All in all, it was just a small amount of carnage. Everything is washable. We're between two lines of storms now and may actually get a bit of sleep. I wouldn't mind. Tomorrow I'll be at the Apple Festival in Nappanee. It should be sunny and low 60s - prefect fall festival weather. Come with me if you can get away for the day!
Adore you,

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