Sunday, September 20, 2015

Reason #1: The Dryer Died

Dear John,
I haven't gotten much done today. I was up until after 2 this morning. The weather finally caught up with my fibro and I haven't hurt that bad in a long time. So I took pain meds, then played Sudoku until they kicked in and I could sleep. The poor animals complained about being kept awake so late. I slept until 10:00 this morning and feel much better today.
I had laundry to do. Washing it went well - the problem came when the first load was ready to dry. The little switch in the door is broken, so the dryer thinks the door is open and won't run. I got it to work once by taping the lever down, but that didn't work a second time. I resorted, of course, to the clothesline, bless it. I had one load of clothes and another load with the bedspread in it. Getting that bedspread settled on the lines was a bit of an adventure. But everything is dry and all is well.
I'll call Menno and he'll come and fix it. The challenge will be finding a time that he can come when I can be here. I have Thursday off, but have an appointment at the Social Security office in Elkhart. I'll call him at my lunch break tomorrow and see what we can set up. I'd just leave the door unlocked and have him come whenever he can, but Jethro hasn't met him. I'll keep you posted.
Once again, I was thankful today for the clothesline. I remember, back when the house was still being built, telling Al that I wanted one. The next thing I knew, here he was putting up one that he'd built himself. And in twenty years, all I've had to do is replace one of the four lines. The whole neighborhood has used it, either to dry really big things or when the power is out. I've used it less often now that I'm working full time. There are lots of days I have to do a load of laundry after work. But I wouldn't be without it.
So tell Al that I was thinking about him today. Tell him how much I have always appreciated all he did for us, especially the clothesline. I may be relying on it for a while, depending on what I can schedule with Menno. The dryer should be a fairly easy fix.
Love you great, huge bunches,

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