Monday, September 14, 2015

Regarding Unladen Swallows

Dear John,
It's Monday, so today was busy. And it went by very fast. I had one remarkable experience that I have to tell you about.
I was helping a customer in the lobby, and he had on this shirt:
I love it. I took one look at him and burst out laughing. He seemed surprised but very happy when I told him how much I loved his shirt. He seems to think I was too old to understand; I thought he was too young. So much for stereotypes!
And that reminded me of all those Saturday nights when Jen was in college, and she'd bring two or three carloads of friends home for the night. We loved them all and would stay up way too late. Inevitably, when we decided that we absolutely had to go to bed, they'd put on The Holy Grail and we'd have to stay up for another two hours. Wonderful times.
I haven't seen the movie for a number of years. But I still get into quotation marathons on Facebook, and with friends of all ages. I suppose liking Monty Python is more a matter of a warped personality than of any certain generation. And warped we are!
I forgot to ask him if it was a African or European swallow.
Love your warped personality,

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