Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Big Move

Dear John,
It's been quite a day. After the bank closed at noon, we had the Great Move. The information that went out to the public was that we'd be moving on Monday. That was for security reasons - you don't tell everybody exactly when the money will be moved from one vault to the other. We will have stuff left to move on Monday, but the big job for the day will be unpacking what we moved today and getting set up to open on Tuesday.
It was quite a production. I was responsible for moving the drive-up, which includes two teller stations, branch capture, and lots of storage. I'll have so much more room now - unpacking things and putting them away will be a delight. The IT people were there late today. They had all the computers and monitors to move and set up. The goal is to have them up and ready by Monday morning.
And we did it all with no bloodshed. We're all housebroken - everybody is stressed but well-behaved. And they're treating us like royalty. Today they had a big lunch for us to eat while the bank officers, along with state and county police, moved the vault. Monday we get to wear jeans and they're feeding us pizza. And Friday is a fund-raising day for cancer, so everybody who contributes gets to wear jeans. And they're going to buy lunch for us again Friday to celebrate our official grand opening.
It's been challenging, and there are still lots of IT things that can go wrong. But everything essential is moved and everything is going according to plan. I hope you can see the new building - you'd love it. I've tried to talk everybody into trapping the bats and bringing them with us. They're been living with us for such a long time that they're part of the family. Sadly, no one agrees. So the bats will go free as the old building is dismantled. There will be more about that later.
And, speaking of late, it is. And I'm tired and sore and ready to go to sleep. I should sleep well tonight!
Adore you,

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