Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Why the Police are Here & Hunter Isn't

Dear John,
It's been a rough day. This morning I picked Hunter up and he screamed, his bottom was so sore and tender. I put him down and he hid behind a door and cried for ten minutes. Then he came to me for an affection attack - he cuddled and rubbed and purred, and generally let me know that he loves and trusts me and knows I didn't mean to hurt him.
So he needed to see the vet. I called first thing after they opened, and the only way June could see him without me missing work was for me to drop him off over my lunch break today and pick him up after work tomorrow. And I think that is good - it will let June spend enough time with him to evaluate things, and let her get a urine specimen. I do hope we can get things fixed this time. Poor baby, I hate to see him feel bad.
Everybody is uneasy around here. I figured the rest of the animals would either be velcroed to me or not speaking to me. Neither has been the case; they're just restless and uneasy. And I miss him so much! Don't tell the rest, but he's easily my favorite. I love that cat ridiculous amounts. I really, really hate having him gone overnight.
And, to top off a not-so-good day, just as I was going to bed tonight, the police showed up at my door. He was very nice, and he concluded that I wasn't the problem, so all is well. It seems that most of the neighborhood has called the police complaining about a barking dog. They were all certain who it was, and it wasn't Jethro. Somebody has been barking for an hour or so every night, starting at 9:00. That's after my bedtime. And I listen for him when I let him out, and bring him in right away if he starts to bark. The policeman was sure it wasn't him when he found out that Jethro is an inside dog. He asked what I've heard, since I almost always have the windows open. I said that I've heard all of the neighborhood dogs bark on occasion, but none of them have ever bothered me. After all, I went to college and lived in the dorm. Neighborhood noises aren't a problem. And if something does keep me awake, I just turn on the fan. I was no help. But I'll keep a very close eye on Jethro for a while.
I do believe that's all for the day. And that really is enough. It's not surprising that I'm tired. I'm a little wound up from having the police at my door, but not enough to keep me awake for long. Please do pray for your little family tonight, especially for Hunter.
Miss you,

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