Sunday, November 15, 2015

Churchill, Chamberlain, and Jethro

Dear John,
I had lots of other things to talk to you about, but current events trumped all of them. On Friday night, Paris was hit with several coordinated attacks from ISIS. So far there are 129 dead and more than twice that number wounded. Today France bombed several important strategic holds of ISIS in Syria. And we took in the first loads of Syrian refugees in New Orleans and Los Angeles. I do worry about the sanity of the planet.
The outpouring of sympathy and aid to France has been immense, as you can imagine. There are a few isolated voices blaming the victims and charging everybody else with racism. As I said, I'm concerned about planetary sanity. Everybody is on edge, including me, and that is to be expected. Some of it is coming out in general irritability on Facebook, so this evening I stuck my neck out and basically said, "Everybody out of the pool!" I don't want to see a common enemy divide us.
There are lots of discussions of Churchill and Chamberlain - you know, war versus appeasement. I was reading an excellent article about that on Facebook today, when the article disappeared. It was removed from Facebook. I can't imagine why. There was nothing extreme or inflammatory about it. Facebook has occasional censorship spasms that are somewhere between irritating and worrying. This one was also puzzling.
So please pray for all of us - for peace on Facebook and across the world. Maybe this will make people aware of just how serious a threat we are all facing. It's too much to hope for the death of political correctness, isn't it?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your little family is fine. I put the winter blanket on the bed today, but not the flannel sheets yet. The dog and cats are fine and happy. The cats all slept on me last night, and when I took a nap this afternoon the dog came and lay on me, all sixty pounds of him balanced on my left side, head to waist, while I slept on my right. I can only assume there was some dread threat he was protecting me from. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I was tired enough to sleep for an hour that way. I wish you could have seen it.
It's bedtime now. I still miss you over there on your side of the bed. Try as he might, Jethro can't replace you.
Miss you,

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